Today on my way into work, at the corner of Blackhawk and Mulford Roads, I saw a Mom and her son jogging together.

Although I didn't envy them chugging their way up the hill, I thought it was a neat thing to see. They were doing an activity together that is is life changing.

Did you know that running five minutes a day can save your life?According to this study from Iowa State University, if you run five to ten minutes a day (just fifty-one minutes a week), you will reduce your risk of death from heart disease equal to those that run twenty-five minutes a day.

Now I bet your thinking, I haven't run in a long time. There's no way I could last five minutes.

I getcha. I know I've been there. Believe me I'm not a runner.

One way to make this goal is to mix it with walking. Walk a minute run a minute. Or try walking two minutes and running one. Break it up and you will reach this goal of 5 minutes a day.

With heart issues running high on both sides of my family, this is a very cool idea for me. I want to keep my heart as healthy as I can despite my family genetics.




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