Be careful when running this trail. You won't believe what happened to one woman who was in the zone on her run not thinking about what was under her feet.

Let me just say this about my relationship with snakes; everything about them is evil. I have an enormous fear of snakes. It also makes no difference to me whether they are poisonous, deadly, or not. All snakes make me very uncomfortable.

Snakes all over Roscoe's Stonebridge Trail

I'm also not a runner and I now I have one more reason not to start. When my wife showed me this picture, I jumped. Erica Charron was running on Stonebridge Trail, her favorite trail, when something crossed her path that she didn't see coming.

It was near the end of her run, looking straight forward, when she felt something under her foot that felt very different from the way the bridge normally feels.

Never in a million years did she think that what was under her foot would be a 4+ foot-long snake that looks very similar to a rattlesnake. And, where the heck is it going under that bridge? Are there dozens more of his friends hiding under there to make runners' hearts race even more?


You should know, runners who hate snakes, that these sightings are becoming very regular on Stonebridge Trail.


I asked a friend what kind of snakes these are and he said they are Fox Snakes. While they look like a rattlesnake, they are non-venomous.


Did I mention that I have a HUGE fear of snakes? Losing this bet was the absolute worst.

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