Imagine giving birth to a beautiful, perfect baby girl and then finding out a few days later that your precious bundle of joy will die unless she receives a bone marrow transplant before she is 3 months old. Sadly, this is a terrifying reality for one Roscoe, IL family.

"There Is No Other Option"

This morning my heart broke a little when I saw this post pop up in the Winnebago, IL Community Group on Facebook...

And then my heart broke even further when I went on a search for more info and found this article from WIFR about a beautiful three-week-old baby from Roscoe, Illinois named Isla who will not survive unless she receives a bone marrow transplant before she is three months old.

Isla's mother, Ashley Chronister, told WIFR that when Isla was born "she was small, but she looked, otherwise, very healthy". It wasn't until a few days after Isla was born that doctors confirmed she was born with a very rare autoimmune disorder that left her without an immune system, and now Isla's only chance at survival is receiving a bone marrow transplant ASAP.

Isla's entire family has been tested to see if they are a bone marrow match, and sadly, they are not, so it is time for the Stateline community to step up and help.

Join the Bone Marrow Donor Registry

If you have never considered registering with Be The Match before, please do so today. You could literally be the one person that can save little Isla's life and a local family of 5 from complete tragedy.

Here is the link to register and receive a testing kit that only requires a simple cheek swab that you send back to the organization to determine if you are a match to Isla, or someone else that is in need on the registry.

Stay strong and keep fighting, Isla! Help is on the way!

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