As a person, and a parent, I am a firm believer that every kid should be part of a team. It doesn't matter if it's a sports team, dance team, or academic team, they just need to be on a team that teaches them how to work well with others to reach a common goal.

Some coaches do alright leading a team, while others far excel at the duty. Coaches just like this week's Hometown Hero, Jim Baluch of Roscoe, Illinois.

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

Jim not only spent time in the US Marine Corps, but he is now using the skills he learned during his time of service to enlighten today's youth, which I think is the perfect example of a hero too!

Here is the nomination letter we received about Jim from a grateful parent named Dan Green;

Not only did Jim serve in the United States Marine Corps, FBI, and currently FAA when he takes his time out of his day to coach our kids by himself Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday before our big games on the weekends. He instills confidence, sportsmanship, ethics, leader ship, accountability, and gratitude and our children. He put together this Pop Warner team and made sure that all the boys that wanted to play could play, he made your paperwork was prepared and each individual had a sports physical whether they could afford to see a doctor or not. As I watch our children play from the sidelines every call that Jim makes they turn as a team toward him looking at him for guidance. He loves every single one of these children as his own and does not show preference over one or another. These boys got to play, these boys were able to Play safely with Pop Warner‘s Rockton rebel 13 U team. These boys will be able to go onto her Hononegah high school from Willowbrook middle school, Roscoe Middle School, Steven Mac middle school, enjoying together and be the next Knigge high school freshman team all because of Jim Baluch. He is the most selfless man I’ve ever known gives his heart out to all these kids pushes him to be better and make sure they are doing what they should be doing not only on the field but in the classroom.

Does that description not have "hero" written all over it? Jim, as a thank you for all the amazing time, expertise, and devotion you show to these kids every day, we would like to give you a $100 Amazon gift card from our friends at Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. The lessons these players are learning from you will carry on with them for life, and they are SO lucky to get to call you their coach!

Do you know someone extraordinary like Jim Baluch in your community? Nominate them for next week's Hometown Hero honor, here.

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