Sometimes you should not challenge mother nature, just don't do it.

Nature has talent, impeccable timing, and a lot of weapons/obstacles that can get in our way.

Male athlete runner muscle and ankle injury after jogging. Athlete man runner touching muscle in painful. Muscle and ankle injury concept.
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I'm a jogger but I'm not a crazy jogger, meaning I give it about 3 or 4 miles of effort per run. I probably look incredibly awkward when I'm jogging down neighborhood streets in my small town but at least I'm trying.

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I've always thought it would be fun to jump on the car, drive to Chicago, lace up my running shoes, and take a leisurely stroll through the Windy City.

The problem is I would get distracted with something for sure. Actually, with my luck, I would get injured somehow and be stuck waiting in a Chicago emergency room but I tripped or something.


Running along the lakefront in Chicago has to be absolutely beautiful. On a bright, sunny day the view must be breathtaking.

Look at this obviously-in shape couple going for a run...

Credit: Audrina Bigos, Facebook
Credit: Audrina Bigos, Facebook

If you're wondering why they are looking behind them it is because Lake Michigan got a little dicey. Truthfully, their lakefront experience was about to turn into a Weather Channel moment in a hurry.

Credit: Audrina Bigos, Facebook
Credit: Audrina Bigos, Facebook


Forget jogging, especially during weather like that. Look ahead at the forecast or save time and energy by renting a scooter or something. Jogging in a circle seems kind of weird anyway if you ask me.

Here's the video...

If you're headed to downtown Chicago, here is a little preview of the Marvel's exhibit.

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

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