If you've purchased any Rold Gold pretzels lately, Frito Lay is having a major recall on several of their pretzels varieties, due to possible peanut contamination.

WGN reports that Frito Lay is recalling the Rold Gold varieties of ""Gold Tiny Twists, Rold Gold Thins, Rold Gold Sticks and Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided" with the "guaranteed fresh dates ranging from June 28, 2016 – August 23, 2016 on the front of the package. Directly underneath the “guaranteed fresh” date is a 9-digit manufacturing code that includes the numbers “32” in the second and third position (example: x32xxxxxx)."

The following products with the matching "guaranteed fresh dates" are:

  • Rold Gold Tiny Twists – 1 oz. , 2 oz., 16 oz. and 20 ½ oz.
  • Rold Gold Thins – 4 oz. and 16 oz.
  • Rold Gold Sticks – 16 oz.
  • Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided – 10 oz.

There are a few more in the variety packs that may be effected as well to find out more information on the recalled pretzels visit: www.pretzelrecall.com or call 1-888-256-3090.



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