After this month, we can no longer call Southwest "Peanut Airlines" again.

It's always been a joke in my family calling Southwest, "Peanut Airlines", because of their cheap fares and the fact that your in flight snack was almost always a bag of peanuts.

However, next month the airline will no longer be handing out that little crinkly bag of crunchy, salty legumes.

WGN shares that airline made the decision this Tuesday to "[pull] peanuts from all flights because of concern for passengers with peanut allergies."

The decision to make this change "follows months of deliberation and isn’t tied to any particular incident involving passengers with allergies."

Now the next time you hop a Southwest flight out of Midway you will be offered a bag of "pretzels and, on some longer flights, other free snacks."

Hmmm... "Pretzel Airlines" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Oh well.

In all honestly, I'd rather have a bag of pretzels over peanuts with my in flight beverage of coke. Wouldn't you?




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