When Summer first started, I saw somebody tweet about how much they missed baseball, but how they DIDN'T miss spending all of that money on beer. There's a lot of beer not being drank at stadiums across the country, but rather on our couches.

But beer isn't what we have a surplus of, it's actually baseball's iconic food item.


COVID-19 delayed baseball, and made a MAJOR surplus of peanuts.

MSN details -

Baseball season as the world previously knew it was cancelled, and some stadiums subsequently cancelled their peanut orders, so now there is a surplus of peanuts with nowhere to go. The Times reports that the peanuts used for baseball peanuts (yes, and the ones you've seen at Five Guys) are a rarer breed, so they can't just be turned into peanut butter all that easily.

For now, a lot of the extra peanuts are in cold storage, but they won't last in there forever. I say they make them available for pick up outside of stadiums and peanut proceeds go towards a good cause.

Just an idea!

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