There's nothing better than a stranger telling you that 'you rock,' one Rockford Mom is making that happen all over the 815 by handing out 'You Rock' stickers.

We were hanging at Schnuck's yesterday afternoon doing a remote broadcast when a woman came up to me with two stickers in her hand.

She said, hi Michelle, I love following you on Instagram and I just wanted to thank you for spreading positive vibes and tell you that 'you rock.' She handed me the stickers and left the store.

I stood there thinking how awesome that was but I needed to know more! Thankfully it was easy to find that You Rock girl on Instagram and Facebook.

She later sent me a message saying her kids were hangry and she was sorry she couldn't chat and that made her sticker surprise even better.

Gabriella is a mom to two kids, who like most kids get hangry... and she started YouRock Experience to shine some light on positive vibes in Rockford.

She asked me to share my second sticker with someone I think is throwing out positive vibes in Rockford, so I picked Rachel from rdArtistry. It takes a lot to make people feel beautiful inside and out.

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