Social media can be daunting at times, filled with negativity and misinformation. This isn't always the case as it can be a handy tool. In some cases, the various platforms can create life-changing moments of positivity. An Illinois mother reunited with her son whom she put up for adoption more than 20 years ago is a prime example.


A Bloomington, Illinois woman posted her personal story on a Facebook group, which is a brave thing to do these days. Her goal was to find the child she put up for adoption, who is an adult now. She wasn't concerned with the reaction of those in the group but was more fearful of rejection from the child she gave birth to. She was also unsure if her search would generate leads.

I am looking for my son that was put up for adoption in 1996! I don't have many facts. I was told it was an "open adoption " but am having a hard time getting anything I don't already know.


A Long Shot With Hope

Jen Middlebrooks shared both the boy's name she had given him as well as his adopted name. She also shared his birthdate and the city he was born in 1996. She explained his ethnicity as well as more information in regards to the family that adopted him. She also knew the adoptive parents lived in Rockford at one time. Despite providing all this information, she knew finding the man was a long shot.

If by chance he sees this, I just want you to know that I would love to see/talk to you and hopefully hug you! I would answer any questions you have about me or your heritage. My love had never wavered, it's just been through prayer and hopes that I made the right choice! I love you then, now and always!


Rockford, Illinois Facebook Group Helps Woman Find Adopted Son

Less than one week after posting her message to the What's Happening In Rockford IL? group on Facebook there was an amazing emotional update.

Update!!!! I'm overwhelmed by all of the prayers and we'll wishers!!! Thanks to the power of this group He has been found!! I am almost speechless over this amazing blessing!!! Thank you guys soooooooooo much!! I couldn't have done this (Especially so quick) without you and this page!!

This is absolutely incredible and proves good things can come from Facebook posts. Overwhelming joyful reactions were shared in comments which you can read here.

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