Wednesday's tornado warning for Winnebago County caused a lot of confusion.

I live in Cherry Valley Township and when I received this text yesterday from my husband who was working, I'm not going to lie, I was thoroughly confused.

attachment-Tornado warning text


A tornado warning, what? Our neighborhood sirens didn't go phone didn't do the obnoxiously loud my husband messing with me?
I then did what any person does during extreme weather events, I hopped on Facebook to see what local meteorologists were saying. All of them were doing live updates on the weather situation, and as I headed downstairs to watch Eyewitness News' live coverage from Chief Meteorologist Candice King, I realized pretty quick that I wasn't the only Winnebago County resident who was caught off guard by the tornado warning.

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During my 10 minutes of watching the live feed, Candice must have singled out the Rockton/Roscoe/South Beloit area a hundred times. She was showing a county map, specifically for that area of concern, but some of the people commenting on the video still were not getting what was happening. (I had figured it out by then and had gone back upstairs to look out the windows. Real smart, I know.)

Here comes the embarrassing part...

This morning Candice King shared something on Facebook to clarify the importance of knowing where your county and your home are, on a map, and now I feel like a complete idiot.

Locating your county may be a no-brainer for some, but JB and I both guessed the wrong number. (Idiots!) We neglected to look at the map hard enough to realize the Wisconsin/Illinois state line is included, (but not highlighted), on it.

For the record, Winnebago County is number 6. Did you guess right?


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