Are you ready for high gas prices? Here's why it will happen and when.

Remember in 2012 when gas prices were almost $4 a gallon? Could you handle gas prices getting that high again? It looks as though it could get close this summer, according to

Aside from gasoline prices that are forecast to be higher than 2016, highlights include:

• The seasonal switch from ‘winter-blend’ to ‘summer-blend’ will bring a spike at the pump later this winter and spring, with the national average gas price rising between 35-60 cents between mid-February and a peak, likely to occur in May.

• $3 a gallon gasoline will be seen in at least the nation’s largest cities: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Seattle, with a strong possibility of such prices also appearing in a majority of the nation’s twenty largest metros.

$3 a gallon is a great guess considering Rockford's average gas price is sitting at $2.40 a gallon. If the $.60 increase happens Rockford will see at least $3 a gallon by May, and you can bet it will rise as is it gets closer to summer.

How can you save money on gas this summer - and all year round? Check this out.

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