Heads up, you just might want to fill your tank today, tomorrow or this weekend if you're out and about in Illinois. 

Gas prices have been the talk of the town for this entire summer and let's face it, the entire year, but if you haven't noticed, for the last few weeks, gas prices have actually been trending down.

Not here in Illinois though, our average right now is $4.97 per gallon, according to MyStateline.com. 

We're basically the most expensive state to buy gas in on the entire Mid to Eastern half of the country.... though we're nowhere near what's happening in California and Hawaii where it's about $6.50 per gallon to get anywhere.

So why should you get gas this weekend?

Well I think there are three huge reasons.

First of all... it's the weekend, and you deserve to hit the road and do something fun! So you should fill up that tank and do just that!

Second, when was the last time you got gas for less than $5 a gallon, personally I don't think I've done it, but knowing that the average here in Illinois has finally reached that point weirdly gets me excited to fill up.

And last but not least, it's gonna be hot on Saturday and you don't want to forgo air conditioning because you're trying to save gas, so fill up that tank!

PS. Let us know when you're getting gas these days and how much you're paying!

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