My family was in Wisconsin this past weekend, and gas prices there were about $3.99 a gallon, so of course, we made sure to fill our car's tank up before we crossed the state line.

Shocked by Gas Prices
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I am foolishly not a person that pays much attention to gas prices, I just get it when I need it, but when prices get as high as they currently are it tends to turn your eye.

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Any time you drive by a gas station at Walmart, Costco, Woodman's, etc, you see LONG lines of people waiting to fill up their tanks, and I've always wondered how these stores are able to offer lower gas prices when there are so many mandates on fuel prices. Then I saw this article from WISN Channel 12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about how a Woodman's store in Waukesha is being sued by two neighboring gas stations over their low gas prices. WISN's article says;

The companies operating the Shell station on Main Street and the BP on Lincoln Avenue are suing Woodman's for damages of $80,000 each, based on the number of days they said Woodman's illegally outpriced them.


the companies are suing under the state's Unfair Sales Act, which prohibits selling goods below cost.

I get why these two gas stations in Waukesha are upset, but it still doesn't answer the question of how Woodman's is able to offer lower fuel prices.

According to WISN's article, Woodman's has responded to the lawsuit by saying; "Woodman's is in full compliance with its Waukesha store gas pricing and believes this lawsuit is without merit." Apparently, Woodman's must have some agreement that allows them to offer lower fuel prices to stay competitive with the Costco store that is located about 6 miles away in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Will more lawsuits against Woodman's. Costco, Walmart, etc. be coming in the weeks ahead? Only time will tell.

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