For the past few weeks, it's been nearly impossible to find any gas available in Illinois that's under $3 a gallon, but if you pay attention and are in the right part of the state, it can be found.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas has recently dropped to $3.457 as of February 7, 2023, and the Illinois average per gallon is trending down at $3.606.

When you monitor the GasBuddy website, which shows gas prices around the country that have been reported by consumers, there are dozens of places across the state border in Wisconsin with sub $3 dollar gas including $2.19 a gallon just outside of Green Bay in Luxemburg, Wisconsin.

Now, when you look around the state of Illinois, it gets a lot more difficult to find even one single gas station that has anything below 3 bucks.

But, we did find one.

As of 8 pm on Tuesday evening (2/7), you can get regular gas, if you pay cash, for $2.99 a gallon at the Citgo on W. Lincoln Highway in Plainfield, Illinois just off Interstate 55.

If you're in the northern part of Chicagoland, a drive up to Kenosha, Wisconsin will score you a gallon of regular for $2.79 at several fuel establishments.

Wisconsin gas is 40 cents cheaper on average than a gallon of gas in Illinois, and the state with the cheapest gas on average is Texas at $3.066.

If you want to see what the cheapest gas in the Rockford region is, CLICK HERE.

Let us know if you see a cheaper gallon of gas being offered wherever you fill up. Send us a message through our app chat.

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