Making a New Year's resolution to get healthy/lose weight/exercise more may seem cliche and like you are setting yourself up for guaranteed failure, but it's still not a bad lifestyle change to attempt. Here's 6 ways to help make sure this year your resolution actually sticks.

I have to admit, I am writing this for completely selfish reasons. For about a year now I have been paying my monthly gym membership to help keep the doors open without actually setting foot inside the place. How stupid. It is very difficult for me to find some time to get to the gym every week, but where there is will there is a way, right? I need to find this time for me, and I am hoping these 6 tips I found on Thrillist will help me get on track.


  • 1

    Write Down Your Reasons

    Besides simply losing weight, write down specific reasons you need to make healthy lifestyle changes. Are you at risk for diabetes? Have you had to start taking meds to help manage your blood pressure? Do you need to gain more energy? Whatever your reasons, write them down for a daily reminder of why you NEED to do this.

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    Remind Yourself That Feelings Aren't Facts

    Just because you don't feel like exercising, doesn't mean you can't physically do it. Just because you had a rough day, doesn't mean you deserve to eat a whole chocolate cake. Put your big kid pants on, and do it anyway.

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    Take the Guess Work Out of Your Exercise Program

    Sometimes spending a little extra cash on that personal trainer, fitness class, or weight loss program is the true key to your success. Trying to go it alone when you really don't know what you're doing is usually the perfect recipe for failure.

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    Don't Get Bogged in Negative Thinking

    Stop thinking of all the issues that make it difficult to get healthy, like no time or extreme hatred for exercise, previous injuries that make exercising difficult, or the the fact that you love cookies way more than carrots. Anything that is worth doing is never easy, right? Think about that instead and how awesome you'll feel when you accomplish it.

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    Get On a Schedule

    Figure out a way to get at least 10 minutes a day of physical activity. Set aside the time in your day to do something just for you. Schedule it, and make missing it non-negotiable.

  • 6

    Keep It Fun

    For most getting sweaty and working hard is not fun, but there are ways to make exercise more enjoyable. Find a workout buddy, do activities you enjoy, find a good book/movie/ TV show to distract you while working out.  Find your groove, and make it happen.