This handsome fella is Blazer, the Q98.5 Pet of the Week.

Blazer is a 2 year old Pit mix available for adoption now at Winnebago County Animal Services. Poor Blazer has been at the shelter since December 2013, which makes him a member of the "Lonely Hearts Club," and that means you can adopt Blazer for just $55.

Blazer gets very excited in his grate when people visit the shelter, which makes him a bit misunderstood. He seems really hyper, but in actuality Blazer is very calm tempered, sweet, and well behaved. He sits very nicely on command, and will even shake your hand!

Can you find room in your home and heart for Blazer? You will be so glad if you do!

On side note...If you are a pit lover, or if you would like to learn more about the breed come to the "Pit Bull Pitty Party" coming up at Forest City Dog Training in Loves Park on Sunday, April 27th. Get all the details here. Pits need love too!