The title of this article may say today's Pet of the Week from Winnebago County Animal Services is breaking hearts all over Rockford, but to be fair, he may just be breaking mine.

When I see sweet, loving dogs sitting in a shelter for weeks waiting for someone to adopt them, my heart absolutely breaks. If I had a big enough house and lots of land, I would adopt every single one of them. Unfortunately, I don't, so my current goal is to convince you to adopt Walter today.

Let me start with Exhibit 1, Walter's puppy dog eyes...

Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago County Animal Services

Exhibit 2: Walter's smile

Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago County Animal Services

Exhibit 3: Walter's story according to Amber Pinnon, Adoption & Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services;

Looking for a gentle soul to spend your days with? Look no further. Meet Walter!

Walter was wary of the new faces and kennel environment when he first arrived, but after some time with our volunteers and staff he has begun to show his sweet personality.

Walter prefers the company of lower energy dogs and is also content with doing his own thing. Walter isn't overly needy, but likes to keep you in his sights to make sure you're doing okay. At 9-years-old, Walter is a gentle guy with a heart of gold and a warm, calm demeanor. His ideal family would love to indulge in the simpler things like a lounge in

the sun or a slow paced walk on a cool afternoon. Walter can't wait to bring some zen into your life!

Is your heart breaking a little for Walter now too? Good. Fill out an adoption application now at

Just in case I haven't broken your heart quite enough today, here's some more awesome dogs currently available for adoption at Winnebago County Animal Services:

Adoptable Dogs at Winnebago County Animal Services As of 6/09/21


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