Don't hate me, but I am NOT a fan of bees or anything else that will sting me. I know honey bees are important for our environment, but that doesn't mean I have to like them.

My dislike of bees is not the point of this article though, these two cute guinea pigs, who just happen to be named Bumble and Bee, are.

This is Bumble...

Winnebago County Animal Services

And this is Bee...

Winnebago County Animal Services

Here's what Amber Pinnon, Adoption & Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services had to say about Bumble and Bee...

Calling all guinea pig lovers!

Bumble and Bee are two guinea pig friends who'd like to go home together. Bumble is shy but sweet, and Bee has an adventurous side.

Guinea pigs are great pets for families with kids old enough to help care for them, and are also ideal for apartment living if you don't have enough room for a dog or cat.

My two girls have been begging for a guinea pig for quite some time now, but they are not old enough to properly care for them; I'm hoping you have kids who are.

The adoption fee for animals like hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits at Winnebago County Animal Services is just $7, so that means you can adopt Bumble and Bee together today for just $14! Fill out an adoption application now at

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