I was today years old when I learned that an Egyptian-style pyramid exists in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and that it once was a place where people dined, lived, and even attended church!

The Pyramid Supper Club in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

I know several people who gave lake houses in the Beaver Dam area, and I've even been up there a time or two in my life, so I was pretty fascinated by this post I stumbled across on the Wisconsin Frights Facebook...

Back when I was a kid, eating at supper clubs was THE thing to do when you were in Wisconsin, but I don't think I've ever eaten at a supper club that looked as cool as the Pyramind Club!

After doing a little Googling, I discovered this cool pyramid building has gone by a few different names in the past. According to Roadside America, when it was built in 1961 it was called The Pyramid, then it was The Nile Club, and it ended its reign as the Pyramid Of The Nile. Yes, I said ended. The sagging economy forced the Pyramid of the Nile to permanently close in 2009, but the 40-foot tall pyramid-shaped building still stands today I believe, and as of 2020, someone was still living upstairs!

I also discovered that The Pyramid Supper Club is still for sale, (and has been since 2009), so if you have $199,000 cash on hand, this pyramid sitting on 11 acres could be all yours today! Besides still having all in-tact appliances needed for a restaurant, it also has a 3-bedroom apartment upstairs! (Hello, income property!) I must warn you though, it needs A LOT of work to restore it to its former glory. Here is what the Pyramid looks like today...

Quirky Pyramid Restaurant For Sale in Wisconsin


Did You Know Wisconsin Was Once Home to an Egyptian Pyramid Experience?

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