Protestors will have a designated area for tonight's Rockford City Market. That designated area will be Joe Marino Park. Waterside Park and Millennium Fountain will be designated as part of City Market's perimeter. Both Rockford Police and Rockford Park District Police will be on the grounds of City Market at Joe Marino Park ensuring everything in under control and without incident, according to a statement shared on Facebook.

Rockford Police department
Rockford Police department

With this newly constructed perimeter in place, there is no reason there should be any questions should protestors break their designated area to protest. Should that perimeter be broken and the protests happen within City Market's area on to East State Street there should be no question as to "why am I being arrested?"

If at any time for any reason the designated perimeters are breached with protest action, arrests will be made.

Those who violate the law causing a breach of peace or infringing on other people’s rights, outside of the designated protest area, will be subject to arrest. - Rockford Police Department

The horns and sirens used to disrupt City Market in previous weeks will also not be allowed, per Rockford Park District, according to EyeWitness News.

Lawlessness, aggression, bullhorns, or sirens will not be tolerated when using public spaces and will be enforced by Rockford Park District Police, along with City of Rockford and Winnebago County.


Protests are part of our American rights however with the chaos, violence, and disruption Rockford has seen over the past several weeks, it's time to act like responsible adults. Our voices can be heard without negative or unlawful actions.

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