I am a HUGE lover of live theater. I love watching it, loved the days when I used to do shows, and I have often thought about getting back into it someday. When I saw the news last week that the roof of the Pec Playhouse Theatre in Pecatonica collapsed due to heavy snow and ice load, my heart broke a little.

I've been to a few performances at Pec Playhouse, and I know it is a cherished part of the Pecatonica community. The Playhouse has had so many hurdles to overcome this last year, and this latest setback is one they really need the 815 to help with.

A statement on Pec Playhouse's website says;

Mid-afternoon of Wednesday, February 24, the roof of the auditorium of Pec Playhouse Theatre collapsed. The center beam above the first row of the audience seating cracked under the weight of accumulated snow and ice. The collapse brought much of the lighting and heating systems down into the audience seating area. The value of the damages is unknown at this time, but the asset team is working with the insurance agency to get a full assessment by next week.


Over the last year, we have been dealt many blows from making the difficult decision to shut down, losing our storage space for costumes, and now the roof collapse. But as they say in our business, “The show must go on.”


Although we are experiencing our intermission, we fully plan to rebuild to bring the joy of theatre to our community once again.

A 'Raise the Roof' fund has been established to help Pec Playhouse rebuild, which you can donate to now, here.

RVC's Starlight Theatre also put a plead out to the Rockford community to help...please donate if you can.


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