So we tried these mystery Oreos earlier this year. But we didn't try them alone, we tried them with a VERY special guest. The Steve Shannon Show got the chance to hang out with Tony Moran AKA the original Michael Myers actor.

During our interview with Tony we decided we should try the mystery Oreos with him. Here's how that went down (the Oreo trying happens around 30 minutes in).

So we definitely picked up on cinnamon flavors. I thought gingerbread too. However, it looks like we were all wrong. MSN details -

For some, the cookie was too sweet, but others couldn't stop snacking. Everyone recognized a strong cinnamon flavor, and some were guessing graham crackers, speculoos (cookie butter), gingerbread, Teddy Graham cookies and even s'mores as the inspiration behind the taste.

But the ACTUAL flavor was ... churro!

If nothing else at least we learned how Michael Myers eats his Oreos ... cream first.

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