If you've ever been a part of those fruit of the month or whatever goody you receive monthly. You can forget those because Oreo has something even better.

Oreo is now offering through Amazon their "Oreo of the Month" club. (WGN)

So now instead of hunting for those new Oreo flavors they'll be sent to you.

Here's what you'll receive once you've signed up through AmazonEvery month "subscribers will get a box containing two surprise Oreo, a recipe card and "one piece of Oreo inspired swag."

Oh and by the way, there are three different options to chose from when signing up for your cookies.

You have a choice of "3 months $59.97, 6 months for $119.94 or 12 months for $239.88."

Hmm, well I'll give Nabisco this, that it's an interesting concept to capitalize on all those crazy and unique and limited time flavors they've been churning out lately.

For me, I don't know if I'd spend the money on it. I mean isn't it easier to just wait until the new flavor concoction comes out on store shelves and buy them?

However, I do see the novelty of it and quite possibly, although the article didn't state this, I'm thinking club members would be first in line to get the new flavors before anyone else. Sort of like the VIP treatment of Oreo.

One thing that I am intrigued about are the recipe cards you'll receive in your box of goodies. What kind of recipes are they? Dishes made from of using Oreos. I wonder how many different recipes they have using those cookies?

What do you think Oreo lovers? Would you sign up for this?




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