2019's Mystery Flavor Oreo was a big let down for a lot of people, myself included. When I first tried it I thought it was gingerbread, but it ended up being churro. However, Oreo just announced a new flavor and I think it should've been the mystery flavor because it sounds SO good.

2020 is bringing us Oreo lovers Tiramisu Oreos. OMG. I LOVE tiramisu and obviously I love Oreos so this news is basically the best news ever.

Delish details -

While we don't know too much about the newest addition to the Oreo line-up, according to packaging posted online, it looks like it will feature traditional chocolate cookies, along with two layers of creme, which Oreo called Tiramisu-flavored creme. Because tiramisu features marscapone creme and coffee-dipped lady fingers, we can assume one layer will be classic or vanilla creme and one will likely be a coffee flavor.

Oreo confirmed that these would be coming in April 2020. So even though we have some waiting to do, I think it will be one of those times when you can say the wait was worth it.

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