When's the last time you got dessert at a restaurant?

For me, I can't begin to tell you the number of times I skipped on dessert. It's usually just an afterthought.

Photo by Max Panamá on Unsplash
Photo by Max Panamá on Unsplash
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Sure, most desserts are fine, but in my experience, I find it difficult to tell the difference between what is good and great, but after seeing this list, I may have to think again.

Eat This, Not That! put together a comprehensive list of the best dessert menus in America, and a pizza joint was just named as the top spot in Illinois.

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash
Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Wait, a pizza place? Especially a pizza place that actually uses "pizza" as part of the name of the restaurant?

Had I not heard about this from Eat This, Not That! I would also probably pay no mind to the dessert at Parlor Pizza in Chicago.


Parlor Pizza, with three locations in the Windy City, besides being the home of excellent pizza, is also the spot with the best dessert menu in Illinois.

MSN via Eat This, Not That!:

Parlor Pizza has a dessert counter (it's called Dessert Dealer) at all three of its locations. After polishing off a Neapolitan pizza, indulge with a TACOlato, a dessert taco made with waffle shells. You can customize your dessert with toppings and fillings.


There are currently seven different mouthwatering TACOlato offerings from Parlor Pizza on their dessert menu and all of them sound excellent.

They also have pretty great names like Go Nuts, Unicorn Dreams, B-A-N-A-N-A-S, Go Shorty, Caramelo Anthony, Cookie Monster, Gimme S’More.


A quick scan of Parlor Pizza on Yelp shows many of their customers share their love for the TACOlato saying "check out the dessert tacos! The one with cookie butter is magic."


Even when the pizza isn't top-notch that didn't stop this Yelp user from raving about the dessert mentioning they're "Keeping the 4 stars bc pizzas were ok but the dessert tacos were awesome."


Parlor Pizza is located at 108 North Green Street, 1824 West Division Street, and 405 North Dearborn Street.

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