Yesterday as the Dixon High School seniors graduated they reserved a special honor for a man dear to all of their hearts, Officer Mark Dallas.

WGN shares that the class of 2018, all 182 seniors, were all smiles on a day that could have been very different.

Thanks to the training and quick action of resource officer Mark Dallas, all lives were spared just 4 days earlier when Matthew Milby came to school to shoot it up.

The graduating class shared their special day with Officer Dallas having him lead the class into the gym and then gave their special thanks during the ceremony.

Dixon grad Emily Krull said "At 8:06 a.M., we all heard the shots. In a panic we all fled the scene, fearing four our lives. Today every single one of us in back in here with smiles on our faces and anticipation for the future,”.... “From the class of 2018, we love you. You Mark Dallas are our hero, and we are all 'Dixon strong.'”

The class offered hugs to Officer Dallas including his own son, Joshua, who graduated and was in the gym the day the shooting happened.



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