If there's one thing that should be a crime in Illinois, it's mentioning anything pumpkin spice-related before the fall season officially kicks in.

It's just too soon for the pumpkin spice parade to start.


We're still barely recovering from the heatwaves and melting ice creams, and suddenly, the pumpkin spice fanatics invade our lives faster than big box stores bringing out Christmas decor.

Pumpkin spice has its time and place, and that's not when we're still rocking our flip-flops and shorts. An early pumpkin spice bombardment is like being offered a turkey on Valentine's Day – it's just wrong.


I say we let the summer simmer down and the pumpkins ripen, and when the time is right, we can welcome pumpkin spice with open arms. Until then, keep those pumpkin spice lattes hidden away like a well-kept secret – a delightful secret that deserves its time to shine.

Dixon, IL Police Department Issues SPICEY "Warning"

Dixon, Illinois Police might be of a similar opinion about keeping pumpkin spice under wraps until the first day of fall, which is September 23, not August 1.

It appears as though being caught with pumpkin spice in Dixon, IL before September 1 could land you in hot water with the popo.

If ANYONE mentions ANYTHING about Pumpkin Spice Latte to us today, we're going to have issues.

Here's the warning the Dixon, Illinois Police Department shared on one of its social media accounts.

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Obviously, this is tongue in cheek but what if it wasn't? What should be the punishment if pumpkin spice was banned until September 1? Let me know in a comment.

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