This was the scene earlier today in Springfield, Illinois where the heroic acts of Officer Mark Dallas at Dixon High School were finally honored as they should be.

Without him, countless innocent kids would have perished. At a time where everyone wants to fix the problem but nothing is actually getting done. Tremendous acts of heroism, like the ones Officer Dallas performed, are all that stands in the way of an active shooter and our children, teachers, and faculty.

The SRO from the Parkland shooting has taken an extreme amount of criticism for is actions on the day of that shooting. In his defense, many people would've done the same thing. When shots are fired your immediate response is fight or flight. That is a scientific fact. Unfortunately, for the kids that day, his reaction was flight.

No one truly knows how they would react in a terrifying scenario such as this one, but we do know how Officer Dallas works, and we couldn't be more thankful for him.

From all the people here at Q98.5 and our sister stations under the Townsquare Media banner. We salute you Officer Dallas.

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