Ever get tired of the busyness of the city and wish you could just gt away from it all?

Then you need to check out these nine Illinois towns, which includes one right here in the Q98.5 listening area.

Only in your State compiled a list of the nine best towns to help you get away from it all. A few are really remote but there are others that although small offer a lot of amenities, including a Wal-Mart.

The towns are as follows:

1. Sheridan. Wow! that's right next to the time share my parents have along the Fox River. It is small but it's quaint.

2. Ladd. Now I've heard they have some of the best chicken in this town.

3. Holloway. This town only has 84 people in it. Wow! 84. That is really getting away from it all.

4. Watseka. This town has about 5,000 people so it's larger but not to large with a lot of parks and decent schools.

5. Griggsville. It's about 1,300 people and sits between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. It's a mosquito haven in the summer. No wonder they have so many purple martin houses.

6. Arthur. This is Amish country. If you like everything Amish, then this is place to be. I had no idea we had such a community in Illinois.??

7. Rantoul. It has about 12,000 people but it's surrounded by fields. So a short drive out of town and your in your quiet space.

8. Rochelle. Hey I know this town! I went to high school there. It is a nice town with several amenities yet you still have the small town flavor.

9. McClure. It's at the very far end of Illinois. It has about 400 people and it's biggest attraction is the McClure family house, which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wow! You know they've missed several get little towns that would be perfect for getting away from it all. How about Stillman Valley, Monroe Center, Creston, Capron, Harvard, etc...?

Which town do you think to need to be on the list?