Some might be shocked, festival veterans are calling it the oldest trick in the book.

I've been to MANY Lollapaloozas in my day. And I will admit, I have snuck some things into the festival. I mean, come on, who hasn't?

One thing I've never done is the "burry in advance and dig up the day of" technique. I've seen videos of people doing this in the past. I've even seen people digging at the festival. But I've never personally done it. Why sneak something in when you can just find your spot once you're in the fest and get to digging?

That's exactly what one concert-goer did at Lollapalooza over the weekend.

Barstool Chicago tweeted out this video over the weekend.

The thought of walking by somebody carrying an entire bottle of Tito's is hilarious. I feel like I've seen enough of these videos that I would totally know the person holding the bottle probably buried it.

This reply to the tweet was so funny. This is one of those festival veterans I was talking about.

This one really made me laugh too.

Here's what I will say about Lolla, it was insanely crowded. I saw a lot of stuff online about people using fake COVID vaccine cards, or just sneaking in altogether. If you did attend Lolla, please be safe these next couple of weeks. We don't want Lolla being the center of attention for being a super spreader event more so than it already is online.


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