Hike, Sip Wine & Listen to Music With Goats in IL. This Summer
You might to be into hiking, but what about hiking with cute animals? Goats are some of the most hilarious and sweet animals. You might not know this about goats. It's one of the many reasons they created goat yoga, life is just better when you have goats around...
Celebrating Ethnicity
Rockford has pulled together all of it's different ethnic backgrounds to celebrate with the 4th Annual Ethnic Parade and Festival.
Chicago Record Store Closes
When I was a kid, I always looked forward to going to the local music store to buy a record (that is what it used to be back in the day) or my favorite cassette singles. Now, with everything digital, it has put a strain on local owners of music and book stores.
Brett Covers Sinatra [Video]
Ladies if you need a swoon worthy, weak in the knees moment today. Check this out. Brett Eldredge singing a cover of Frank Sinatra's' "Come Rain or Come Shine".

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