Some of the best memories I have with my dad involve cars. Those memories are even more vivid when the drag races roll into the town. Here's your chance to make some memories with your family.


My dad always loved the rumble of an engine, the smoke from burnouts, and the sound of power when the green light in the tree flashed green. Growing up a kid near Chicago, you always cheered on the greats when it came to draw racing. The Mongoose, The Snake, The Chi-Town Hustler, Big Daddy Don, and so many more. Now that my dad is gone, those great moments of excitement, amazement, and real "shock and awe" are even more precious. Every time I see a cool dragster, or a cool car, I think of dad. I am so lucky.

It's so cool that this weekend, Q98.5 is giving away tickets to see the 11th Annual Spring Nationals at the Byron Dragway. Just listen to win your tickets from us and make some memories of your own with the ones you love.

Trust me, those memories will leave a mark like those tire burnouts on the pavement.