It's the ultimate choice everyone has to make at Thanksgiving; should you have a slice of pie or a slice of cake? Yes, you can have both, but having them together in one big honkin' slice is way more fun! Plus, you can fool yourself into thinking you only had one dessert instead of two or three separate helpings. Even better!

What's a piecaken you ask? Well, it's a pie baked inside of a cake! Just imagine it...a pumpkin pie inside of a milk chocolate or spice cake or perhaps a vanilla cheesecake. Or how about a cherry pie or pecan pie inside of a chocolate cake? The possibilities are endless, and Pinterest is FULL of recipes and combinations.

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to try a slice of Piecaken, or better yet, make one yourself? This may be the most genius answer to the question of what dessert you should bring for Thanksgiving, but I will admit it may be too sweet sounding for me, and I LOVE me some sweets!

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