When the days seem longer and start to get warmer it means spring is here and summer isn't far behind. For many, the list of "must visit" drive-ins begins. Not far after, it's time to execute the plan to visit as many as possible.

Most diners may have the same basics on their menus; burgers and fries, right?


WHERE Are These Drive-Ins?

Sometimes you'll find them in the middle of a busy city, sometimes they're sitting in a small town, or they might be in the middle of nowhere.


How Do You Know You've Found a Gem?

It's easy. Get a good look at their menu and find something unique whether it is sweet or savory or both? The more uniqueness the more likely you've found a standout diner.

It's not all about the food though, the look matters too. If it doesn't look like a drive-up diner it can really keep the vibe.

Google Street View
Google Street View

One of my favorite drive-ins is in Byron, Illinois, Sam's Drive-In. If you are traveling along Route 2 between Rockford and Oregon is it literally impossible not to see it.

I love Sam's because of the burgers and fries, my kids love it for a completely different reason, the dessert.

Shirlee, the Queen bee of Sam's said this,

We have mew dine in service , a smaller dinning room but table service. Keep in mind, my young employees are learning, so be patient. Most of them its there first job!! We will also have carhop ..outside dining and walk up windows for the summer!!

Ice Cream, You Scream

Their soft serve is so good it might make you want to yell expletives and, while it's understandable, it is a family joint and loaded with kids when Sam's is open. (Note: Letting the curse words with an inside voice in your vehicle with the windows up is a-ok.

Speaking of kids and families, anyone who has been to Disney RAVES about the most magical Dole Whip on the planet, but what if I told you it is in Byron?

Yes, Sam's Drive-In has pineapple Dole Whip but only for the month of April, and this is not a joke.

Sam's Drive-In is located at 705 W. Blackhawk Drive in Byron, Illinois.

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