As a kid, the sound of the ice cream truck was pure heaven, but as an adult, it's the exact opposite.

I'm not sure at what point in my life I went from scrounging together as much change as I could find or begging my parents for a few bucks to "We got this stuff at home" but it's here and apparently, I'm not a big fan of getting ice cream from trucks.

Is it because I'm getting old, am I just cheap or is it that the person running the truck just seriously went to the grocery store, filled up his coolers, and is now charging two times more than it would cost me if I just bought the stuff myself?

It's probably a little of all three as I found myself curmudgeonly looking at the list of The Daily Meal's Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat in Every State with a suspicious eye.

Collection of colorful summer frozen desserts, bottom border on a pink background
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By the time I got to Illinois' pick, the suspicion in my eyes turned to eye-rolling. When I shared the news with my wife, she shot a look of disgust back.

That's because Illinois' fave ice cream truck treat is a Fudgsicle. It's not gross, it's just kind of boring and lame.

The Daily Meal:

Forget hot fudge sundaes — in Illinois, it’s all-chocolate everything. The Prairie State’s preferred ice cream treat is the Fudgsicle.

Vegan banana chocolate fudge popsicles with homemade hazelnut spread. Creamy dairy free ice pops, nicecream, fudgesicles
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We're not alone in Illinois though as Fudgsicles were the top choice in many other states, along with Bomb Pops and Choco Tacos.

Wisconsin's pick was Lemon Ice. I didn't grow up in Wisconsin, so I can't speak on the virtue of that as something people are craving when they hear the familiar sound of an ice cream truck so I'll reserve judgment.

That said, at least it's not a Fudgsicle.

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