Are you ready for your "Aww Moment" of the day?

For the first time ever, a Chilean Flamingo chick just hatched at Lincoln Park Zoo.

WGN reports that this is "the first time, a Chilean flamingo has successfully hatched at the Lincoln Park Zoo."

The chick was born on Sept. 11, and the zoo is incubating several other eggs that may hatch in the coming weeks. The flamingo chick will remain "behind-the-scenes to receive around-the-clock care."

This little guy or girl, the zoo has yet to determine it's sex, will remain white and grey until about two years old when it will then change colors to the standard pink like all flamingos.

Click here to see a picture of the new chick.

It's so cute and fluffy. See I told it would be your "Aww Moment" today.

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