If it weren't for a fast-thinking 16-year-old, a family would have suffered a devastating loss. Thankfully, there's a happy ending to this story.

16-year-old Savannah was showering when one of her five siblings banged on the door. After Savanah didn't initially answer, one of her brothers broke open the door to tell her their younger brother Jireh was choking. Savannah didn't hesitate and sprung into action.

When she found Jireh he was turning blue and his eyes began to roll into his head. While their brother Andrew called 9-1-1, Savannah began proper Heimlich. After a few attempts, the object dislodged from Jireh's throat. Medics arrived and they called their parents, who arrived at the hospital to find Jireh was alive. He only suffered a sore throat. The object he had choked on was a grape.

Their mom, Crindy Hedges, is thankful Jireh is OK and proud of her kids for saving his life.

As a mother, I am so proud of how my three rockstar teenagers responded to the crisis.

Here is her account of the story.

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