Yesterday the Illinois Senate had three bills they were looking at that dealt with the banning and surrendering of firearms.

One of the three bills passed with no revisions. The other two passed but have some things that need to be amended.

They will go back to the Illinois House of Representatives to be revised before heading to Governor Rauner's desk.

So which bill passed with no revisions?

The State Journal Register shared that it was House Bill 1468, which required a "72 hour waiting period [for] the purchase of an assault weapon" passed 43-15.

The other two, House Bill 1467 and House Bill 1465, had a few things to be revised before they can be signed off on by the governor.

House Bill 1467 which dealt with the banning of "bump stocks and trigger cranks, passed 37-16." However, there was "an attached amendment also would allow municipalities to enact tougher assault weapons measures than state law."

The other amended bill, House Bill 1465, that will "raise the age a person can buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21, passed 33-22." 

Now the fate of these bills, once amended, will lie in the hands of Governor Rauner.

If you have concerns or opposed to these bills you should contact Governor Rauner, click here to find out how.

Also, contact your State's Representative as well, click here for information on where and how.

The only way to let your voice be heard is to tell them how you feel.





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