It might be... It could be ...

That Illinois will FINALLY have a budget.

Fingers crossed this all goes smooth but according to ABC7the Illinois senate was busy yesterday as they passed a $38 billion budget plan with a vote of " 56-2."

Now we will all wait with baited breath to see what the house will do as it's now in their hands today to vote on.

This is a HUGE step for our state after all this time, 3 years, of squabbling and basically to us everyday people, nothing really happening.

As Senate President John Cullerton said "This is an important step forward. This budget helps restore stability to Illinois, which is what we need. There remains more work to do, but this is a bipartisan accomplishment that we can hopefully build upon."

I couldn't agree more.

It's expected that the house will pass this bill and pass it on to Governor Rauner's desk late today for him to sign.


It's been said that this budget includes "$350 million public school funding that was part of the reform package passed last year. It also includes increases for higher education and for the Quincy Veterans Home which has been plagued by problems with Legionnaires disease."

As with every bill, we know that there is some give and take and haggling over items. Of course there will be some cuts in some areas. That we know can't be helped.

My overall wish is that this budget will benefit the people of Illinois. We've been battered enough over having no money and having things cut out or minimized due to financial woes.

Maybe the dark cloud will finally lift and we can see that silver lining.

Fingers, toes, whatever we can do to get this thing passed.







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