The Illinois Senate will be considering several bills to ban and surrender guns in the state this Wednesday, March 14th.

It's a good idea that all citizens know exactly what these bills are about and what they want to do.

The cases that our state Senate will be reviewing this Wednesday and to vote upon are those dealing with the banning of certain firearms and to have those in possession of these guns, currently, to surrender them.

According to the NRA-ILA, these bills being presented have already passed the Illinois House of Representatives and now are being reviewed by the Senate.

If the senate approves these bills they would "ban the possession of most semi-automatic firearms and magazines by law-abiding adults aged 18-20". Plus, would "[require those guns] to be surrendered within 90 days", while imposing "a 72-hour waiting period on modern semi-automatic firearms", and would "ban certain firearm accessories and historical firearms."

The bills in review are House Bill 1468, House Bill 1465 and House Bill 1467.

Here is a brief synopsis of what each are wanting to do:

House Bill 1468 will "require a 72 hour waiting period for certain commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and .50 BMG caliber rifles.  Current Illinois law requires a 72 hour waiting period for handguns and a 24 hour waiting period for long guns." Click here to read the entore bill.

The opposition for this bill is that it appears that this will cause confusion for "firearm sellers about which long guns require a 72 hour waiting period.  In addition, it would also ban the sale of these firearms to non-residents."

House Bill 1465 will "deny law-abiding young adults under the age of 21 their Second Amendment rights by prohibiting them from possessing or purchasing commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and .50 BMG caliber rifles.  The bill would require adults under the age of 21 to dispose of such firearms within 90 days and to dispose of standard capacity magazines over ten rounds in capacity immediately." Click here to read the entire bill.

House Bill 1467 is about banning "'bump stocks' and 'trigger cranks'.”  

the problem with this bill is that the language "seems" to be to broad and vague and could actually create the banning and surrendering of antique and or historical replica guns that are "owned by collectors and historical reenactors." They would be required to dispose of these guns within a 90 days as well. Click here to read the entire bill.

My thought is if they want to ban certain guns from being sold from the day the bill is passed and going forward. Fine. I don't agree that those who have possession of these prior to this ban should be required to surrender their firearms. That isn't fair.

If the state wants tighter requirements on how guns are sold and longer waiting periods that's fine as long as it's from the day the bill passes forward. I don't believe it is fair or right to make it a retroactive bill.

Again that is my opinion. Others may feel differently about this subject, that is fine because that is what our country was based on having a mind of our own, fighting for justice and equality in all things, including guns.

If you are opposed to these bills, it's suggested that you contact your state senator and tell them to vote "No". To find out how to do that, click here.








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