If you're going on a trip through the midwest, it's probably a good idea to make a stop in Rockford to see what is being called one of the best roadside attractions in the United States.

Mental Floss put together a list of 51 Roadside Attractions Across America That Are Worth The Detour and while some of the spots can be a bit mundane like the Self-Flushing Latrine in Alabama (really?) or the World's Largest Frying Pan in Delaware, the one in Illinois needs to be seen.

Sure you might be able to get a good idea of The Rockmen Guardians by taking a look at few pictures but it's one of those attractions you need to see in person.

Mental Floss:

In the city of Rockford, Illinois, stand the Rockmen Guardians—12-foot-tall statues made of boulders and cement by artist Terese Agnew. Construction on the defenders was finished in the spring of 1988; each guardian holds his own unique pose, and the leader wields a mighty stone sword. To find these rockin' protectors, visitors should head south of Sinnissippi Park near the Rock River Recreation path.

Strangely, a trip to Sinnissippi Park in Rockford is ranked as the 7th best thing to do according to TripAdvisor.

People reviewing the park call it "One of Rockford's gems" while remarking the Rockmen Guardians are "impressive sculptures."

If checking out Sinnissippi and the Rockmen doesn't do it for you, how about a trip to Manitowoc to check out Wisconsin's best roadside attraction according to Mental Floss?

Apparently, that's the home of the Sputnik Crash Site? You know, the Russian satellite from the 60s? I'll take the Rockmen in Illinois any day.

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