A popular antique mall in Illinois is home to some very strange roadside attractions.

What Is Route 66?

It is one of the most famous roads in the United States. The legendary road has been featured in many songs, movies, shows, and books. This was one of the first highways in our country. The original route ran from Illinois to California, which also made it one of the longest roads.

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Once the superhighways were built then Route 66 became obsolete. Parts of the historic path still exist. It has become a major visitor stop. Nowadays, all along the remaining road is home to many roadside attractions and fun tourist places.

One Of The Popular Stops On Route 66 Is Pink Elephant Antique Mall

If you're planning a trip anytime soon to travel on Route 66 then you must make a stop at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall which is located in Livingston, Illinois. It's a local business that features many different items including antiques, homemade sweets, candy, fudge, and decor for homes and farmhouses. There's even an old-school diner.

The Pink Elephant Is More Than Just An Antique Mall

Of course, an antique mall is a great place to adventure, but the Pink Elephant is really known for something unusual. Surrounding their building is a bunch of giant roadside attractions. They are perfect for selfies and posting on social media.

Giant Ice Cream Cone


Giant Man



Alvin And The Chipmunks



Man Sitting Down

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The Rabbit Ranch is another great spot on Route 66. Check it out, HERE.

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