Two of Rockford's most famous statues stand proudly around the city. What if there were only room for just one?

The match is set, and there can only be one winning team. Here's the tale of the tape:

Rockmen Guardians

  • Made of: Granite Rocks
  • Standing Since: 1987
  • Total Number: 3

Sock Monkey Statues

  • Made of: Fiberglass
  • Standing Since: 2005
  • Total Number: 21 (according to this.)

*For the sake of a fair fight lets consider some of the fiberglass sock monkey's are on private properties (roughly three), some are in storage or broken, and one in eating Swedish pancakes at Stockholm Inn.


3 Rockmen Guardians VS. 6 Fiberglass Sock Monkeys

Who wants to go to Wrestlemania in Orlando?

WWE Wrestlemania Contest
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