You can say, 'boys will be boys,' but that's not the right answer.

Yesterday at work Lenny and I decided we weren't going to spend any money from Monday until Friday afternoon and my first thought was, what am I going to do after work?

If you go to Target on weeknights, you've probably seen me there. Looking at all the skirts, the sweatshirts and the bags of candy.

But tonight, I didn't go to Target, instead I went for a walk at Sinnissippi Park and I'm pretty sure I'm not going back tomorrow, after a teenage boy punched me in the hip while I was walking.

I definitely don't have enough information to figure out who this kid and his friend are but if I did, this is what I would want to tell him.

Dear teenage boy on the bike, what was going on in your head when you thought punching me was a good idea? It hurts. Still, an hour later as I'm sitting on my couch typing this, and it will probably bruise tomorrow and continue to hurt and remind me that I shouldn't be walking alone.

Except that I'm a 32 year old woman and the sun was still out and I should be able to go walk in a park whenever I want to without feeling scared or getting touched by a stranger.

You probably thought it was funny. And I assume you were trying to punch my butt instead of my hip but I don't think that would hurt any less or make me feel any less awful about myself.

Was this a game you and your friend were playing as you were riding down the path? Did you punch other people tonight too or just me? Because I was a girl by myself.

I don't think I've ever felt this feeling before, but I don't think it's going to go away. As I walked back to my car, every single person walking running or riding their bike behind me scared me. I took out my headphones and walked as fast as I could to go home.

The comedian in me says, 'well you should've just gone to Target.' But the rest of me says, 'this is not OK.'

I wish I had more information about this kid and his friend, but I don't. I think maybe they were 14? I know they were riding their bikes and that's about it.

Is there really anything I can do about this? I don't think so. But if you think there is please let me know.

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