Not far from Rockford are some unique roadside attractions that are fun for selfies.

Growing up, every summer my family took a road trip or back then it was known as a driving vacation. We would take off for at least a week sometimes more. One year, my Dad took off three weeks and we headed to Vancouver, Canada.

He would have a couple of destinations but everything in between was up for grabs. His usual choice for roads was the scenic route. The rule was if we saw something interesting, we had to stop to check it out. I experience a lot of the United States that way.

I'm always on the lookout for a unique roadside attraction. At times, my wife and daughter think I'm a little crazy. Of course, with social media, they make the best selfies.

My most reason accomplishment was visiting the "Bronze Fonz" in Milwaukee. It's a statue of the famous TV character from the show "Happy Days."

If you feel like a sense of adventure during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, you're in luck. There are plenty of fun things to explore not far from Rockford that would make a great day trip.

Here are some suggestions courtesy of,

Giant Catsup Bottle From Route 66 on
Twitter ...

For more, HERE.

Have a great time, please send pictures.

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