Near Rockford at a former raceway, there is a new hiking adventure awaiting you.

Go Hiking And Biking On A Former Race Track

According to Raceway Woods Riders Facebook Page...

"This system of trails located in Carpentersville, Illinois has a unique history as it used to be Meadowdale International racetrack decades ago. The old racetrack has been restored to a sweet paved bike track but there are quite a bit of off-road trails in and around the track. The terrain is pretty varied for Illinois which makes this trail worth riding."

History Of Meadowdale International Race Track

The track was open from 1958 until 1968. It hosted many races, drivers, and teams during its years of operation including USAC, SCCA, AMA, cars, carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, Roger Penske, Al Unser, and many more. There was also a National Police Driving School.

It is located at Route 31 and Huntley Road in Carpentersville, Illinois. The raceway was a road course and just over three miles long. Now, the former track is in the middle of Raceway Woods.

Photo From Meadowdale International Raceway Facebook Page

Most of the asphalt still remains. All the buildings are gone but one silo does remain standing.

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Now It Is Raceway Woods

The park district owns the majority of the land with forest preserve also owning some of the property. It is 122 acres. It has been converted into a recreation area for outdoor enthusiasts


Photo from Raceway Woods Facebook Page

The trailers are available for hikers, dog walkers, runners, bicyclists, horse riders, and more. If you enjoy outdoor activities, I suggest checking it out.

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