Illinois topped a new list... you can decide whether it's good or bad. collected a bunch of data and determined which states in the U.S. are most obsessed with Fortnite. Now, I can't tell you how/where the data comes from but it's safe to assume knows what's up. And before getting to where Illinois ranked on the list of States most obsessed with Fortnite, here are some interesting notes.

Fortnite is the most popular game in every single state, beating out titles like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

Wisconsin's most-played video game is Fortnite, too. But it's not near the top of "The Most Fortnite-Obsessed States in 2019."

So where did Illinois fall on this list? Behind Mississippi (No. 1) and New Jersey (No. 2)... yup, Illinois flossed its way to the number three spot on the list of "The Most Fortnite-Obsessed States in 2019."

You can learn most about Fortnite's ridiculous U.S. obsession here and, in a line taken straight from, "it’s Fortnite’s world and we’re just living in it."

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