Do you or your kids play Fortnite? You need to be aware of the recent security flaw.

Your bank account is connect to your Fortnite account, right? That's a huge problem when the very popular game has a giant security breach.

Forbes is reporting that there is a flaw in the game that allows other people playing the game to get into your account.

The exact wording Forbes shares is:

The security flaws meant attackers would be able to take over player accounts and gain access to their V-bucks game currency using the player's payment details, as well as in-game contacts and the ability to record in-game conversations and eavesdrop on conversations taking place at the player's home.

Yeah you read that right, not only can they steal your money, they're listening to your family's conversations.

If you're a Fortnite player, you should absolutely check out the entire story and try your best to protect your account.

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