Tis the season for coyotes. Fa la la la lah lah lah la.

Wait what?

A warning has been issued of coyote activity in the suburbs and surrounding areas of Illinois.

WGN reports that coyote activity has recently seen an uptick this season.

The reason being is that this is breeding season for them.

Many residents in the Chicago suburbs have been concerned over sighting coyotes out roaming their neighborhoods and yards.

So what are we to do if we see them?

Lambrini Lukidis from the Forest Preserves of Cook County said that we are to "keep your distance, keep your dogs on a leash and typically most coyotes are not going to approach humans."

Also it's been noted that "experts say people should not be afraid of coyotes, but they should not treat coyotes like domestic animals by feeding them or approaching them."

It's been sometime since I've seen coyotes in the area, but I know they around.

I think they are beautiful animals but of course I would never treat them like a domestic dog. After all they are a wild animals. Wild animals are wild animals, no matter how tame them may seem.





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